Students of Faculty of Road and Bridge Engineering (FRBE) participated in The Japan- Asia Youth Exchange Program Science in Japan

SAKURA SCIENCE Program was a program about “Exchange of culture, technologies of Japan to Asian teenagers”, that program took place in YOKOHAMA National University. This year was the first time that students of Danang University of Technology (DUT) participated in SAKURA SCIENCE program. There were about ten students from DUT, among those students are just only one student of FRBE, Tran Le Anh Huy 14X3B. She also is a member of the scientific research group namely Civil Engineering Research & Training (CERT).
The program, which lasted about ten days from 24th June to 3rd July, involved the participation of students from Vietnam and Japan. Through the courses on operation principle of clean-energy, origin to develop materials, approaching to the theory-practice method combined with the creative process in science as well as teamwork skills, interpersonal skills to make eco-products for society.

The program was offered in English for teaching and communication. The class involved Vietnamese students and supports of master’s degree students in Japan. The main lectures of this program were Assoc.Prof. Takuto Araki, Assoc.Prof. Kazumi Matsui, Assoc.Prof. Tomoyuki Shimono and all students of three laboratories.

The learning process in Japan

The class started at 10:00 am and ended at 12:30 pm every morning that began again at 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the afternoon. Before the theory class, the main lecturers of each laboratory would introduce students about what the application of those theories and they would have a chance to experience by themselves. As such learning method, it would help students to get a sense of subject contents and also made excitements of unknown things. Moreover, the program also gave students chances to the excursion to the museum, Yokohama exhibition, Isuzu, Science and future museum.

Finally, each group reported their harvesting after those learning dates in Japan. The reports were represented by English to the chairman, who represented the YNU authorities. Each student would receive the program certificate from YNU Vice-principle and they had a farewell party together.