Summer camp exchange program between Kogakuin University and University of Science and Technology – The University of Danang

In order to promote academic and research exchange programs in collaboration between Kogakuin University (Japan) and University of Science and Technology – The University of Danang, Kogakuin University has organized the Summer Camp Exchange Program 2018 at Hachioji Campus (Tokyo, Japan). This program aims at DUT students studying in the field of architecture, construction and information technology who wish to improve their learning and knowledge acquiring skills in Japan.

Detailed description of the program (Architecture – Construction group):

  • Duration: From July 21st 2018 to July 28th 2018
  • Location: Hachioji Campus, Kogakuin University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Accommodation: Shofusha Dorm in Hachioji Campus, Kogakuin University
  • Cost: Round-trip airfare, accommodation and sight-seeing fees will be paid by Kogakuin University
  • Self-paid by participants: overseas insurance, daily meals, personal expense, etc…


  • Students with good academic result (GPA above 8.0), usually take part in union activities and Faculty works, influent in English or Japanese.
  • In good health with a valid passport.

Number of participants:

Faculty Boards will select and appoint a list of students in accordance to these numbers:

  • Faculty of Architecture: 05 students
  • Faculty of Road and Bridge Engineering and Faculty of Project Management: 02 students each

Application includes:

  • Individual program application form with lecturer’s recommendation and the Dean’s confirmation;
  • Academic transcript (up to the first semester of the academic year 2017 – 2018)
  • Photocopy/scan of passport (picture page, notarization unnecessary)

Faculties will compile a list of appointed students and send their application forms directly to Vice Principal Le Thi Kim Oanh.

Submission deadline: before 16h on Friday, 20/4/2018.

  • The university will hold an interview testing the appointed students’ linguistic ability scheduled on 24/04/2018 (the specific date will be notified later)
  • Students without a passport shall apply for one at the resident Immigration Office right after being selected as a program participant.
  • Number of students appointed by all units shall be balanced between male and female students.

Further information for students from our Faculty:

  1. Student target: Transportation Engineering: 1 student; Construction Materials Engineering: 1 student.
  2. Admission organization: The Youth Union as host in cooperation with Faculty Boards.
  3. Method: Submit the application form filled in with necessary information in accordance to the university’s notice to the Faculty Office before 18/04/2018. The Faculty will then conduct assessment and send the application forms to the university per regulation.

For the entire notice, see file below: Download (DOC, 39KB)