Dialogue between Facility, University, Business and Students

On September 13th, 2018, Facility of Road and Bridge collaborated with business organize a direct dialogue with Facility students.

This is an annual activity organized by with the purpose in order to response the questions of students during their studies and activities at the University.

Attending the dialogue, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hong Hai – Head of Training Department, former Head of Facility of Road and Bridge, Dr. TS. Nguyen Van Dong – Head of Student Affairs, M.S. Nguyen Van Ca – Deputy secretary from Hanoi University of Technology; Dr. Huynh Phuong Nam – Dean of Facility of Road and Bridge and with nearly 200 students.

After nearly two hours, the dialogue program between Faculty, School, Business and students has closed successfully. All your questions are answered promptly. Again thank you teachers, students had participated in the program.