Online lectures to study infrastructures for UU in Japan & DUT in Vietnam

The Faculty of Bridge and Road Engineering has announced information to all students to participate in an online lecture about infrastructure construction in cooperation between Japan University and DUT Vietnam.

Specific information is as follows:

Topic: Present and Future of Ho Chi Minh City Metro Project

Format: Listen to the lecture combined with online discussion (on Zoom) taught by Professor Yamaoka.

Target audience: 20-25 students in the Civil Engineering field from DUT, and 40 students from the Faculty of Civil Engineering from Japan University will participate and discuss together.

Expected time: 2 sessions from 8:20-10:00 am on December 16th and 23rd, 2021. Benefits for students who participate: Access to lectures by foreign professors, improve language skills, the opportunity to exchange and discuss with Japanese students, and receive a certificate of participation after attending.