Signing supportive cooperation and software manual “F1 Estimate”

On the 18th of April, at the Danang University of Science and Technology – the University of Danang, the Faculty of Road and Bridge Engineering và F1-TECH Joint Stock Company signed “Memorandum of cooperation and transfer of the F1 Estimate F1 software product”. Dr. Nguyen Thi Dieu Hang – Deputy Head of Training Department at Danang University of Technology, Dr. Nguyen Hong Hai – Dean of the Department of Road and Bridge Engineering, Mr. Duong Tat Thang – on the behalf of the company in the Central Area, lecturers and more than 120 students who registered for the training class were participated in this event.

Dr. Nguyen Hong Hai confirmed the cooperation between the university and the company is an effective solution to improve training quality, scientific research, to transfer technology and to find out suitable output for the audience; thereby enhancing the prestige of the Faculty and the University to deal with the diverse requirements of the labor market. This is an opportunity for students to approach the reality while studying.

The representative of F1-TECH also collected the opinions of the University and wished to have a long-term cooperation with the Faculty. The company promised the maximum support for the educational activities of the Faculty and the University. At the signing ceremony, Mr. Thang introduced and transferred the software “F1 Estimate” to lecturers and students of the Faculty of Road and Bridge Engineering. According to the lecturers, this software was convenient, easy to use in establishing unit price, cost estimate, etc. It was also very suitable for 4th-year and 5th-year students for carried out projects related to the problem of estimating the cost of the construction industry in general, and the technique of transport infrastructure in particular.