The Faculty of Bridge and Road Engineering accompanies students to overcome the COVID pandemic

In recent days, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused great difficulties in the lives of the people of Da Nang, including students studying in the city. In order to support and share some of the difficulties that students face in their daily lives and studies, the Faculty of Bridge and Road Engineering, in coordination with the Faculty Union under the guidance of the faculty leaders, organized a donation drive and gave gifts in the first round to more than 120 students in the faculty who are currently staying in dormitories and rented houses in the Liên Chiểu area and nearby wards.

The gifts were not big, mainly essential food items, but they were enough to warm the hearts of students who are seriously implementing social distancing measures and not forgetting their studies here. On behalf of the  Faculty, we sincerely thank the generosity of alumni, faculty, and staff of the faculty, especially thanking Mr. Nguyen Dang Huy, an alumnus of the K1990 class of the faculty and the Chairman of the People’s Committee of Lien Chieu district, the alumni group of class 04X3C, Mr. Tran Thanh Truyen – an alumnus of the K2010 class, the Science, Technology, and Investment Consulting Center (STIC) for being the first to make significant contributions and create conditions for the faculty to timely support students in overcoming the pandemic.