Guide to admitted students

From 07/8/2018, the school will send a letter of acceptance for admitted students tuyển (List of admitted students).

According to the Ministry of Education and Training on admissions this year, admitted students in the first phase should take the following steps:

Step 1: Confirmation of admission to the University before 5:00 p:m on 12/8/2018

– Instruction: Admitted students send (by post) the original “Certificate of High School test score 2018” to the University. Instructions to write in the envelopes to send here.

Admitted students have a Family register in Da Nang can come directly to the Student Office of the University: from 08:30 a:m to 4:30 p:m on 9/8/2018;

– If you are on the list of admitted students:  But you have not received the admission letter, you can still confirm the admission;

– At 12 a:m and 8 p:m, from 6/8/2018 to 12/8/2018, the University will update the list of students received Scores Statement;

– Students do not confirm admission before 5 p:m on 12/8/2018 (based postmark) is considered as not enrolled.

Step 2: Prepare application file, school fees to be paid upon admission; enroll according to University Schedules with branch (August 21-22, 2018)

– Application documents include:

  1. Certified copy of Study records;
  2. Temporary Certificate of High School Graduation; or certified copy of Certificate of High School Graduation or supplementary Education.
  3. 01 valid copy of the birth certificate; 03 copy of ID card (notarized); 04 3x4cm photo cards (photo taken within 6 months);
  4. Certificates related to priority subjects, if they are priority subjects;
  5. Military service registration certificate and absent registration certificate – for male students;
  6. Original decision to send students to the University – for students are cadres, soldiers;
  7. Dossier for transfer of Party activities – Party members; Union – for members;

– University fees at the beginning of the year: click here.

Step 3: Admission

  • Guide to the school and note the work to do after the date of enrollment: click here.
  • After enrollment, you will officially become a 2018 student  Da Nang University – University of Science and Technology.
  • Priority admitted students are wrong on the object/priority area that leads to not be selected admitted students are fully responsible.

Please look forward to the detailed information, using the following form:

  • Family-school contact information form: click here (download on 07/8/2018).
  • The layout of the areas for admission procedures, detailed instructions: click here. (Updated on 14/8/2018).
  • Notices on placement, list of classes and schedules,… will be updated on 14/8/2018.